f t Hairisma Salon

"Outside beauty inspired by the beauty within"

At Hairisma, we know people love to look beautiful. We believe beauty on the outside is just as important as inner beauty. As the owner of Hairisma, I want everyone to achieve both; everyone has a story to tell, everyone we come into contact with has a whole life outside of what we see. My desire is that when people come into Hairisma, it is more than just a salon experience. Through the words we speak and the talents we use, we take that opportunity to touch each life in a unique way. Hairisma is a place that I hope is welcoming and accepting, unassuming and without judgement, a place of respect and support where we build each other up. My desire is that we are always striving to be a true representation of what it is to love, to give, and to serve others.
-- Janelle, owner since 1994

We use and recommend AVEDA products - the art and science of pure flower and plant essence.